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Top tips for getting baby prints

A keepsake engraved with a real hand or footprint is a wonderful gift for new parents. There’s no minimum age for taking baby prints, although sometimes it can be tricky to get a clear print from very young infants. Here are our top tips for getting the best results.

 Use a mess free kit

Newborns are not known for keeping perfectly still, and using ink on a squirming, wriggly hand or foot is often a recipe for disaster! Fortunately, there’s an easier way – the Magic Inkless Print Kit is suitable for all ages and is completely mess free. Clean and easy to use, you simply wipe a hand or foot on the inkless wipe, press onto the special paper, and watch the print appear. Magic!

Wait until they’re asleep

If you’re taking a print from a particularly wriggly baby, waiting until he or she is asleep may be the best way of getting a clear print. Have the supplies assembled next to the cot and ready to use when a good opportunity arises. A small amount of tape will help to hold the paper in place on a firm surface, such as a placemat or clipboard.

Get in position

Make sure you have something hard to lean on, such as a table or hard-backed book. Taking a print may be easier if you have a partner to hold the baby while you take the print, or vice-versa. If your baby is awake and clenching his or her fist you can try gently tickling the hand to encourage them to open it. If you are taking prints from an older child, talk them through the process and have them practice putting their hand on the paper before you use the inkless wipe.

Press gently onto paper

Once you have applied the wipe evenly over the baby’s hand or foot, press it gently onto the paper to ensure the creases in the skin show up clearly. If you are taking a footprint, place the heel of the baby’s foot on the paper first and then roll the rest of the foot down, with the toes touching the paper last.

Print kits are a great gift for new parents, but you can also have hand or foot prints made into a special keepsake that they will treasure forever. View our range of engraved charms, bracelets, necklaces, keyrings, and other gifts on our website.

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Last-minute Christmas gifts? No problem!

We know how it is – you try to get organised for Christmas but the list of people to buy for keeps growing, and the amount of time you have to do your shopping in keeps shrinking. If you have last-minute gifts you need to purchase, don’t panic! The Little Keepsake Company team members are all putting their elf hats on and will be wrapping thoughtful festive gifts that friends and family members will love right up until Christmas Eve. You don’t even have to leave us a mince pie!

When do I need to order by?

For guaranteed Christmas delivery, you’ll need to order your keepsake by Dec 15th and choose our Christmas Express Delivery Service.

How will my item be delivered?

We use Royal Mail as our delivery provider, as it has the best accuracy rate for delivery (other than Santa and his reindeer, who are sadly booked up for Christmas this year). Most of our services are signed for which means they require  signature.

Help! My item hasn’t arrived! Who do I contact?  

For any queries or concerns you can contact our helpful customer care team on 01326 290046.

What should I get cousin Brenda for Christmas this year?

Unfortunately that one we can’t help you with, but here are some of our festive favourites that might give you a bit of inspiration…

Sterling Silver ‘Merry Christmas’ Star Earrings (red)


The Little Keepsake Company is eager to make your Christmas shopping experience as pain-free as possible. For more information about our delivery and postage options, please see our website.

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Create your own Christmas gifts!

Have you ever spotted a piece of jewellery that would be almost perfect for a friend’s Christmas present except for one little detail? With The Little Keepsake Company’s personalised gift options you can decide exactly how you want your gift to look. Give someone special a one-of-a-kind gift this year and show them how much you care.

Create your own earrings

Designing your own jewellery gift is as easy as 1, 2, 3… here’s how to create the perfect gift in three easy steps:

Step one – select your earring style

All of our earrings are sterling silver and come beautifully presented in a TLKC gift box. Choose from 18 different styles, including delicate silver stars, sparkling Austrian crystal studs, and beautiful rose gold vermeil knots.

Step two – choose a text colour

Your gift will come personalised with a message inside the box that you can have printed in one of 7 different colours. Pick your loved one’s favourite hue to make the gift extra special!

Step three – write a message

Here’s the hardest part – deciding what to write on the inside of the box! We can print any message you like to make the gift completely unique to you and your loved one. Whether it’s a Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or ‘just because’ gift, your recipient will know that you took the time to personalise it to make their present extra special.

Once you’re happy with the options you’ve chosen, simply add the earrings to your basket and leave the rest to us. We aim to get your item to you as quickly as possible – we currently have a handling time of 5-7 working days and offer several postage options for the fastest possible delivery. So if you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute this year – don’t worry, we have you covered!

Whatever the occasion, The Little Keepsake Company has the perfect gift to suit. Browse our collection of sterling silver jewellery, personalised gifts, and one-of-a-kind keepsakes and show someone special that you care.


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A very merry Christmas sale

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone special? We have a great range of festive jewellery that is sure to make any stocking sparkle. Better yet, it’s currently on sale! Get a head start on your Christmas shopping with these seasonal specials.

Merry Christmas necklace

Give someone special their very own lucky star to make a holiday wish on with this beautiful sterling silver necklace. Beautifully boxed, with an optional hessian gift bag for extra special presentation points, this delicate necklace comes on a 16-inch chain and is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face on Christmas morning.

Candy Cane earrings

What fun is Christmas without a colourful splash of seasonal attire? These sterling silver enamel candy cane earrings will brighten up any outfit on Christmas Day. Buy them for a loved one or pick up a pair for yourself and get into the holiday spirit!

Personalised junior necklace

Available with two different chain lengths, this dainty engraved heart necklace is perfect for both younger and older children. Add a name or initial for a sophisticated gift that is guaranteed to brighten up Christmas morning for a much-loved niece, daughter, younger sister, or granddaughter.

Star gift set

Who do you know that deserves to have a merry little Christmas? Make their festive wish come true with this lovely sterling silver star gift set. Made up of a dainty pair of silver star stud earrings and matching star necklace hung on a 16-inch box chain, the set is suitable for both children and adults alike. It is available with several quote options and comes boxed alongside your chosen festive message.

Holly jolly earrings

Wish someone special a holly jolly Christmas with these dainty silver sterling heart earrings. Perfectly presented in a TLKC branded box, you can also add an optional hessian gift bag so they’re ready to pop under the tree or into a stocking. If you’d prefer a different earring shape or fancy getting creative with your Christmas message you can also personalise your gift to make it truly unique.


Make sure you never miss any of The Little Keepsake Company’s seasonal sales and fantastic new products by following us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also view our website to see a full range of handcrafted jewellery, personalised gifts, and unique silver sterling items that are perfect for all occasions.

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5 ways to show your best friend how much you care

Acquaintances come and go but good friends – the people who truly love and understand you, make time for you when you’re sad, and celebrate every milestone along life’s journey with you no matter how small – are hard to find. Showing a close friend how thankful you are for their presence in your life is a great way to nurture and strengthen your relationship. Not sure how? Here are 5 ways to show your friend how much you care.

  1. Send a handwritten card

In a technological age, the art of letter-writing is often neglected in favour of a quick email or Facebook message. But writing out a thoughtful note on a personally selected card is a great way to let a friend know that you took time out of your busy day to appreciate them. Detailing specific reasons why they’re special to you (with funny anecdotes or memories) is even better.

  1. Celebrate their accomplishments

From major life events such as graduating from university, getting a new job, or giving birth to minor everyday accomplishments that are rarely celebrated, show your friend how proud you are of their achievements with a text message, card, or meaningful gift.

  1. Make something special

If you’re a whizz on the sewing machine or an avid knitter, great! But you don’t have to be crafty to make something thoughtful. Bake your friend’s favourite cupcakes, put a photo of the two of you in a frame that matches their home décor, or pass on a recommended book with a handwritten inscription.

  1. Go on an adventure

A surprise trip or day out is a great bonding experience and a chance to make new memories. If your friend has been talking about something they want to do or try, why not treat them to a ‘just because’ day? Memorable experiences don’t have to be expensive – a picnic in the park with homemade goodies and some fun outdoor games is just as meaningful as a spa day when it’s been planned as a surprise gesture.

  1. Give them a thoughtful gift

Whether your friend could use some support herself or whether she’s recently helped you through a tough period in your life, sending a gift to let her know you’re thinking of her is a great way to strengthen your relationship. A dainty piece of jewellery that she can wear every day to remind her that you’re thinking about her is an affordable, thoughtful way of showing that you care.


Whatever the occasion, The Little Keepsake Company has the perfect gift to suit. Browse our collection of handcrafted jewellery, personalised gifts, and unique silver sterling items and show someone special that you care.

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Gifts to remember loved ones by

Losing a loved one can be a very difficult time and sometimes it’s tough finding the right words to console a grieving friend or relative. If you prefer to send your condolences with a thoughtful gift, here are some ideas that might help.

‘Forever in my heart’ necklace

Wearing a piece of jewellery with the name of a lost loved one is a lovely way to remember them. You can personalise this gorgeous sterling silver 18-inch heart and angel wing necklace with a name or message of up to 25 characters on each side. Beautifully presented in a gift box alongside the quote ‘Forever in My Heart,’ it’s an ideal present for anyone who recently lost someone they cared about.

‘Your wings were ready’ keyring

A keyring is a practical and thoughtful way to commemorate the life of a loved one who has passed on. Available in two designs that are both inscribed with the wording ‘Your wings were ready but my heart was not,’ our stainless steel keyring measures 3cm and can be personalised with a message of up to 85 characters on the reverse side.

‘When robins appear’ necklace

Robins are a comforting reminder that even though we may have lost a loved one, he or she is never too far away. Our beautiful silver sterling robin necklace has a rose gold plated red breast and is available on its own or with a silver or rose gold vermeil disc that can be engraved with an initial of your choice. Presented in a gift box with the message ‘When robins appear, loved ones are near,’ this sweet gift is sure to bring comfort to a grieving friend or relative.

Angel wing slider bracelet

What better way to symbolise the passing of a loved one than an angel’s wing? This lovely sterling silver bracelet can be adjusted to fit all wrist sizes from extra small to larger than average. We also have a version available with a robin charm should you prefer. Our angel wing slider bracelet is currently on sale at a 25% discount while stocks last.

‘When feathers appear’ anklet

This dainty sterling silver anklet is a beautiful reminder that loved ones may be gone but they are never forgotten. Presented in a gift box with the quote ‘When feathers appear angels are near,’ the mini feather is also available in gold plating and has an optional extender to add an extra 5cm to the length of the 27cm chain. Our feather memorial range is currently on sale, so it’s a great time to buy.

You can view our full selection of memorial gifts on our website, along with a wide variety of other unique personalised gifts to suit all occasions.

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5 creative gender reveal ideas

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or your third, finding out if you’re having a boy or a girl is an exciting time! Many expectant parents like to throw gender reveal parties so their friends and families can help celebrate this important milestone. If you’re thinking of doing the same, here are some ideas to help get you started.

  1. Put up a piñata

There’s nothing more dramatic than smashing a giant papier-mâché character that explodes with either pink or blue confetti. If you don’t want to know the gender of your baby in advance, ask your doctor to write it down and then take the piece of paper to the party store to have the shop assistant fill your piñata accordingly. You can serve nachos with salsa and guacamole to turn your celebration into a full-blown fiesta!

  1. Set off a smoke cannon

Confetti is great, but it can be messy – if you’re looking for something equally fun that’s easier to clean up, put on a white T-shirt and pick up a smoke cannon! A blast of pink or blue smoke offers numerous creative social media opportunities and many companies provide a secret option where your doctor (or a friend) can email the gender after you place your order.

  1. Let them eat cake

No party is complete without a cake – why not turn it into the focal point for your big news? Ask your local bakery to create a blue or pink cake covered in vanilla or chocolate icing. When it’s time for the big reveal, simply cut it open and hand out the slices.

  1. Unwrap an outfit

If you don’t want to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl before your party, have your doctor write down the gender, take the piece of paper to a department store, and pick out two baby outfits (one for each sex). Give the outfits and the piece of paper to the cashier and ask them to wrap the appropriate outfit (don’t peek!) You can unwrap the package at your party in front of your guests.

  1. Unveil a watercolour scan

Turn your scan into a unique watercolour print that you can display in your baby’s nursery and unwrap it at your party for a truly original gender reveal. If you know the gender already you can select the colour when you order your print or have a friend (or nurse) email The Little Keepsake Company in advance. You can even personalise the print with your baby’s name for a double reveal party!

For more unique gift ideas to suit every occasion, visit The Little Keepsake Company website.

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Unique wedding gifts for a day to remember

It’s wedding season and the big day is just around the corner – you’ve booked the venue, hired the caterers, and made sure the reception playlist has enough tunes to keep everyone dancing until the early hours. But have you remembered to buy gifts for the wedding party? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

A special gift for a maid of honour or bridesmaid

Personalised gift set

She’s been there for you during all your dress fittings, calmed you down when stress levels reached boiling point, and helped you assemble dozens of wedding favours – now show your maid of honour or bridesmaid how much you appreciate her with a personalised gift set. With sparkling cubic zirconia stones set in a sterling silver clasp, our gift set is available in three different necklace lengths and the wording can be tailored to suit a bridesmaid, maid of honour, or flower girl. Beautifully boxed, we also offer an optional hessian gift bag, so your jewellery set is all ready to gift on the big day.

A present to make a flower girl feel special

Flower girl earrings

Thank your flower girl for a job well done with a gorgeous set of sterling silver flower earrings. Set with dainty cubic zirconia stones and surrounded by white enamel petals, these 8mm earrings are sure to delight any enthusiastic petal throwers who helped to make your big day special. Available alongside the quote “Thank you for being our flower girl,” or “I couldn’t have picked a prettier flower girl,” the earrings are also available with a pretty hessian gift bag.

A thank you gift for mum

Silver infinity necklace

Words often aren’t an adequate way of thanking the woman who raised you to be the person you are today – show your mum how much she means to you on your wedding day with a beautifully simple infinity necklace. Available in sterling silver or rose gold, the necklace comes on an adjustable 16-18-inch chain and is boxed with the words “Mum, Thank you for standing by my side today, as you always have.” Keep a box of tissues handy on the top table when you present it to her.

A gift for the father of the bride

Wedding cufflinks

Wearable gifts with a personal touch are a great way to show dad how much his support means to you on your big day. Our stainless steel wedding cufflinks are available in a variety of shapes and you can choose from a selection of quotes or personalise them with your own heartfelt message. Our cufflink range is currently on sale, so it’s a great time to buy!

See our full selection of wedding gifts on our website. We also have a wide variety of other unique personalised gifts to suit all occasions – please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

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Thoughtful congratulations gifts for hardworking students

GCSE and A-level results are just around the corner and all over the country, thousands of teenagers are nervously biting their fingernails and wondering what the future holds. If you know someone special who’s awaiting their exam results, prepare to celebrate with a thoughtful gift that they can take with them on the next big step in their journey.

Silver ball slider bracelet

A personalised bracelet is the perfect way to show a daughter, sister, or friend how proud you are of her hard work. Our gorgeous sterling silver ball slider bracelet comes with a mini puff heart and dainty heart charm that can be engraved on the front and rear with a short message, name, or date of up to 15 characters. Beautifully presented with a message of congratulations, the bracelet will fit all wrist sizes from 14cm to 26cm, making it the perfect gift for teenagers and adults alike. With an optional hessian gift bag, your jewellery will arrive neatly packaged and all ready to gift.

Sterling silver pave halo necklace

This sophisticated 18-inch pendant is a great way to start your secondary school graduate on the path to adulthood. Set with a halo of sparkling cubic zirconia crystals, the necklace comes gift boxed and ready to unwrap. We also have a lovely set of matching earrings available in both sterling silver and rose gold.

Personalised keyring

Whether they’ll be driving off to college, moving away from home, or starting a new job, a personalised keyring is the perfect way to embellish a set of keys that signifies the next step in your loved one’s life. Available in square, dog tag, oval, or circular shapes, our stainless steel keyring can be engraved with a message of up to 85 characters and comes beautifully presented in a gift box, ready to give to someone special.

Swallow duo necklace

She’s just found out her exam results will enable her to follow the career she’s always wanted – give her a gift that symbolises exciting new beginnings and the spreading of wings as she takes the next big step on her journey. Beautifully boxed alongside the quote “Let your dreams take flight,” this gorgeous sterling silver swallow necklace has two dainty pendants on an adjustable 18-20-inch belcher chain and comes with an optional hessian gift bag.

‘You Did It!’ earrings

The results are in – and she passed! Celebrate her accomplishments with this dainty pair of sterling silver heart shaped earrings. Beautifully presented alongside a special quote that shows her how proud you are of her achievements, the earrings come ready to gift in a branded box. An optional hessian gift bag is also available for that extra special finishing touch. They’re currently on sale, so there’s no better time to buy!

The Little Keepsake Company has a wide variety of handcrafted jewellery, personalised gifts, and unique silver sterling items that are perfect for all occasions. Visit our website to find your ideal keepsake.

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Top gifts for top teachers

The end of term is fast approaching – great news for kids looking forward to the long summer holidays, but not so great for the parents who are trying to get themselves organised! If one of the items on your to-do list is purchasing a gift for a favourite teacher, why not choose something with a personal touch? Show your child’s mentor how much you appreciate their hard work with a thoughtful end of term present they’ll treasure forever.

Heart necklace

Presented in a special gift box with the wording ‘It takes a big heart to shape a little mind,’ this dainty puffed heart 16” box chain necklace sits beautifully around the collarbone. Available in sterling silver or rose gold, we can arrange for next day delivery if ordered before 12pm. We also have options with alternative quotes, including ‘A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, & touches a heart,’ ‘Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create, & hearts to love,’ and ‘Teachers like you are precious and few,’ so you can choose the phrase that best fits your child’s mentor.

Apple earrings

What’s better than bringing an apple to class for the teacher? Giving a pair of sterling silver apple earrings she can wear every day! Presented in a gift box with the wording ‘Best Teacher Ever,’ or ‘Best Teaching Assistant Ever’ these cute 6mm x 8mm studs are the perfect thank you gift for a favourite teacher or classroom assistant. Our earring range is currently on sale, with a limited number still available. See our full selection here.


Quote keyring

Show a favourite teacher how much of an impact they’ve had on your child’s personal development with a special stainless steel keyring. Available with a variety of different quotes and designs, we also provide the option of adding a personalised message of up to 85 characters on the reverse. The keyring comes ready to give to teacher in a lovely presentation gift box.

Got more presents to purchase? The Little Keepsake Company has a wide variety of personalised gifts and unique silver sterling items to suit all occasions. Visit our website to find your perfect gift.