If you are having trouble finding the answer to your question  please contact us and we will be more than happy to help

Is my child too old or too young?

We are able to work with handprints from newborn babies through to adults! Our inkless wipe kit is tested suitable for use on even the newest of skin!

For fingerprints we recommend waiting until your nipper is at least 18 months old. We like to be realistic with the results you are likely to achieve and babies do not have deep enough lines for it to echo in the jewellery. If you would still like a fingerprint from your baby to remind you of how small their little finger once was, this is possible and an equally special keepsake. Your print will appear more as a dimple in the silver.

Will you be able to fit my hand or footprints on your jewellery?

We with reduce the size of the print accordingly to fit the jewellery  so no matter how big or small the original print is, we can transfer this to the jewellery. We pride ourselves on out ability to keep as much detail in the prints as possible!

How much text can you fit on?

This varies depending on the size of the charm. When you place your order it will only allow the correct number of characters for the size you have selected.

As a guide our small charm can fit 8 characters, large charm up to 10. Our pendants can accommodate names up to 13 characters depending on the size selected.

What font do you use?

We are so proud of our letting on our charms! It is one of our main points of feedback that we receive. Our customers think our lettering is the best across the industry! Big smiles here at Keepsake HQ! We have a real OCD about making sure it is perfect!

I already have prints – can you use them?

We can work with prints you already have, or even photos of casts or hands and feet. We understand that certain prints can be so precious and would never ever ask for originals. Should you wish to send originals this is entirely at your own risk! However, a photocopy works just as well!

I have ordered before – can you use the same prints?

If you previously had a hand/foot or paw print then of course! We have thousands of prints on file! We will need the name that the jewellery was ordered under so we can match it up.

Fingerprint molds can perish over time. Do get in touch and we can search through the archives to see if your print is still suitable.

How will the fingerprints appear in the silver?

Your fingerprints will appear in the silver as they did in your mold. The firing process will cause them to shrink by approximately 12-15%

Where part of the print is very good but there is an imperfection in a part of it, we will use our wizardry to use only the best part!

How will the hand and footprints appear in the silver?

We shrink down an exact copy of the hands/feet to fit the jewellery. Obviously, if you have slipped and have a few extra fingers or toes we will edit out the smudges leaving a true reflection of the actual print! We always preserve any lines/details in the prints.

Where a part of your print is missing  we will not fill this in unless requested. For example a little toe may be missing and you would like us to use another print to add the toe in. IF you would like us to use these skills please make a note when returning your print cards!


How long does it take?

Each piece is handmade by Natalie from start to finish so you should allow between 21-40 days for us to dispatch your jewellery, beginning from when we receive your prints.

At times we are much quicker, at peak times we may be a little slower, but we work very hard to ensure that this rarely occurs. If you need your jewellery in slightly less than 14 days then you can select our faster service at the checkout!


Kits are sent by 2nd class post and dispatched within 24 hours. Jewellery is sent by Royal Mail and will need to be signed for. If you are out they will leave a card with details of how you can re-arrange delivery or collection.

I have a metal allergy – can I wear your jewellery?

If you have an allergy to Sterling silver, please let us know and we can make your jewellery from fine silver instead, this doesn’t contain the alloy of copper, which is usually what causes the reaction.

Therefore it is vary rare that you will experience a reaction with our jewellery when made with Fine silver.

If you tend to have a reaction to any silver we are more than happy to post out a little piece of our silver for you to patch test.

How do I care for my jewellery?

We will send out a care card with your completed purchase! A silver anti tarnish cloth is the best bet to regularly remove tarnish build up which will occur on any silver. Please take care when rubbing over the blackened areas, as we deliberately tarnish these areas to allow the details to show up.

We advise that you regularly check all attached chains and attachments for wear & tear to avoid loss of your jewellery. Please be aware that if you choose to wear a silver charm on a bracelet or bangle daily then it will show signs of wear and tear much more quickly than if the charm is worn on a necklace. To prevent this especially on charm bracelets I recommend using the glass bead stoppers in-between the charms.